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A Few Words About Us

Kids are what truly matters. My daughter’s birth changed my whole life, changed me… And a passionate traveler and a 24/7-busy man became a family guy and a caring father.

In a great desire to give my daughter the best future, I quit the corporate job and started looking for a career that would allow me to have time for raising my kid. That was the time when I decided to start a store.

With the main idea to bring the products that really make people’s lives easier and more comfortable, we faced rapid success. And we’ve followed that focus since then, looking and finding the stuff that saves our customers’ time and money.

But helping our customers just isn’t enough for us. Almost everybody in our team are parents and we realize how important that is for a kid to have somebody to understand, protect and teach them. But what about the kids, who don’t have a family? Their life and future is something that really concerns us.

That’s why as a team and company we always try to help the kids who are in need as much as we can. And a share of the company profit is donated to UNICEF.